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Kagaku Murakami
"Seated Avalokiteshvara with Lotus"
Murakami Kagaku painted many Buddhist images in his work, and his renderings of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy, are particularly numerous.
Here, the bodhisattva is enveloped in a gentle sunlight, and its narrowed eyes filled with a faint tinge of sorrow produce a waft of sweetly sensual aroma.
Image Murakami Kagaku:
Born in Osaka in 1888. Graduated from the Kyoto Municipal College of Painting. Was awarded a special prize in the tenth Bunten Exhibition. Together with Tsuchida Bakusen and others, he formed the Society for the Creation of a National Painting Style in 1918. Using the techniques of Yamato-e and early ukiyoe as his base, he established a contemporary yet noble style by harmonizing the Shijo School's delicate use of drawn lines with the tones of the natural features of western Japan. After the Kokuten exhibition was dissolved, he lived quietly in Kobe and exhibited only minor works.
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