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Seiho Takeuchi
"After a Shower"
Seiho succeeded in expressing the landscape after the rain, the branches and leaves waving in the wind, and the bird's delicate movements, with his excellent skill in portrayal and composition.
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Image Takeuchi Seiho:
When speaking of modern Japanese-style painting, the names Yokoyama Taikan and Takeuchi Seiho always arise. These two painters introduced European painting styles into traditional Japanese painting and harmonized them. Seiho was born in Kyoto in 1864. As a child, he loved to draw and wanted to become an artist. He developed his own style by adopting techniques from Western painting and blending them with the traditional styles of the Maruyama-Shijo School. His reputation grew not only through recognition of his greatness as an artist from his youth but also because of the effort and enthusiasm he put into teaching the younger artists he met at the Kyoto Municipal College of Painting, where he was a professor, and at Chikujokai, his own private school. After Seiho received the first Order of Cultural Merit in 1937, a number of his pupils went on to receive the same Order.
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