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Tessai Tomioka
"Abe-no-Nakamaro Writing Nostalgic Poem While Moon-Viewing"
This painting depicts Abeno Nakamaro, one of a number of Japanese who went to study in China in the 8th century, during the Tang Dynasty.
It presents Abeno returning from the continent
and writing the poem:
"When I gaze far out across the plain of heaven, I see the same moon that came up over the hill of Mikasa at Kasuga" (Helen McCullough, trans., Kokin Wakashu, Stanford University Press, 1985)
This bit of history that appeared in the Kokin Wakashu, classical poetry collection, has been the theme of many of Tessai's works.
Image Tomioka Tessai:
Born in Kyoto in 1836. He studied Japanese classical literature and sinology from childhood. His interest in paintings and calligraphic works influenced the development of his unique style characterized by strong, free-style brushwork. He did not study under any particular master but rather adopted styles seen in old Japanese and Chinese paintings.
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