Yasuda Yukihiko

Yasuda Yukihiko was born in Tokyo.
He studied under Kobori Tomoto, and formed Shiko-kai (later Koji-kai) with disciples in 1898.
This brought new perspectives into the Japanese art world.
In 1914, he took part in the reorganization of the Japan Art Institute (Nihon Bijutsuin),
and he later flourished as a regular member in its exhibitions (Inten).
Based on yamato-e, he studied and gained a good understanding of history.
With such knowledge, he established noble, sophisticated historical paintings, or so-called neo-classism.

Wang Zhaojun

1947 88.0×55.3 cm
Wang Zhaojun was a mistress of great beauty who served the Emperor of ancient China in the earlier Han period. A curious fate caused her to marry the leader of an enemy country. This work elegantly depicts her personality and her resolution to accept this fate.

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