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Pictures for Children

Pictures for Children Exhibition Corner
Pictures for Children Exhibition Corner

Pictures in children’s magazines published one after another from the Taisho to Showa Periods, captivated boys and girls at that time. However, these pictures were not highly regarded; they were thought of as things attached to tales or songs for children. Takei Takeo strongly advocated their artistry by holding exclusive exhibitions, and gradually pervaded the existence of children’s paintings. Hayashi Yoshio and Suzuki Toshio, from the subsequent generation, flourished mainly on children’s magazines, such as Kodomo-No-Kuni and Kinder Book, which contributed to the development of paintings for children in Japan.
Adachi Museum houses numerous pictures for children by six painters; Hayashi Yoshio, Suzuki Toshio, Takei Takeo, Kawakami Shiro, Kurosaki Yoshisuke, and Iguchi Bunshu. Their works are full of sensitivity. We display them in the Pictures for Children corner.

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