Privacy Policy

Adachi Museum of Art, a public interest incorporated foundation, properly deals with all personal information and makes every effort to protect it. The museum protects personal information based on the following privacy policy.

1. Obtaining, Using and Providing the Personal Information
The museum only obtains the personal information necessary to answer inquiries. We never use or provide the personal information for any unnecessary purposes without the person’s consent.

2. Management and Safety of the Personal Information
The museum takes proper measures to protect against wrongful access, leaks, loss, destruction and falsification, when handling personal information. When the museum delegates the management of personal information to a third party, it enters into a confidentially agreement with that party. The museum clarifies its responsibility and attempts to manage the safety of personal information.

3. Disclosure, Correction, Suspending, and Elimination
If the person asks the museum for disclosure, correction, suspension or elimination of personal information, the museum will respond promptly, after confirming the identity of the person making the request.

4. Legal Compliance and Continuous Improvement
The museum follows all applicable laws and rules regarding personal information protection, and attempts to improve the policy continuously, revising the structure and management system as and when needed.

Inquiries about Personal Information Protection
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