Kobayashi Kokei

Kobayashi Kokei was born in Niigata Prefecture.
He studied historical paintings and traditional bureaucracy,
including events, laws and customs, at Kajita Hanko’s art organization.
He received numerous awards at exposition and exhibitions.
In 1910, he entered Koji-kai , accepting an invitation from Yasuda Yukihiko.
There he devoted himself to paintings with other painters including Imamura Shiko and Hayami Gyoshu. In 1914,
he was nominated as a regular member of the reorganized Japan Art Institute (Nihon Bijutsuin ).
After that, he created works for the Inten Exhibitions.
With fine lines, he simplified the figures of objects, which allowed him to build a clear and accurate painting style.

Yang Guifei

1951 164.0×83.0 cm
This work is based on the Noh play performed by Noguchi Kanesuke of the Hosho School. The quiet tenshion is transmitted well by the slightly sway of the bead curtain and the highly restrained movements of the actor. It is a fine example of Kokei’s work in his mature period.

Magnolia Tree

1919 140.0×50.0 cm
This work was painted during the transition years when he went from painting elegant historical paintings to harsh observations of nature and displays the painstaking care of his latter years. The work recalls to mind the sheer beauty of Japanese-style paints and pantings.

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