Kawai Gyokudo

Kawai Gyokudo was born in Aichi Prefecture.
He initially learned his technique from Kono Bairei,
but later studied the Kano school’s painting style under Hashimoto Gaho in Tokyo.
His works were highly valued and they achieved a moderate harmony between the styles of the Shijo and Kano schools.
His works were released for the government-sponsored exhibitions.
Kawai left many tasteful works focusing on nature and the daily lives of people whom lived with, and were surrounded by, nature.

Moonlit Evening

1913 182.6×99.7 cm
A fisherman and his children hurrying down the road home are bathed in the light of the moon on an autumn evening.
The painting shows a peaceful view of nature and can be said to bring together very nicely Gyokudo’s gentle disposition.
It is a work filled with pastoral mood.

Spring Drizzle

1942 44.5×56.8 cm
In the foggy spring rain, mountain cherry blossoms are depicted mistily behind kakei, a traditional Japanese bamboo water pipe. The trees and their young, fresh leaves are beautiful with a calm atmosphere, having gotten wet from the rain. A water wheel, grass and a farm lady walking on a small path give a sense of living with nature. This would be regarded as an honorable work that resonates in Japanese sensibility.

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