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Ceramics: Rosanjin Hall

Rosanjin Hall Facade
Rosanjin Hall
Rosanjin Hall

Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959) pursued gastronomy with an extraordinary sense of aesthetics, and enhanced the dining space to an art form. About 200 works of Rosanjin were collected by Adachi Zenko (1899-1990), the founder of the museum. After the death of Zenko, Adachi Takanori (1947-), who took over the founder’s vision, has been collecting Rosanjin’s works energetically, and the collection currently includes about 500 works. Rosanjin Hall, which opened in 2020, is designed for the viewer to fully enjoy Rosanjin’s art, with more than 120 works in a permanent exhibit. In the exhibition rooms, the light reflecting on the ceiling is soft and gentle, pervading the whole space. Because of this, the viewer can take sufficient time to look through the works in detail.

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