Kitaoji Rosanjin

Kitaoji Rosanjin was born in Kyoto.
He established himself in calligraphy and seal carving in his earlier years.
Then, through communication with artistic people, he opened his eyes to cooking and art,
and opened Hoshigaoka Saryo, a Japanese membership restaurant,
allowing him to share his gastronomic indulgences.
There, he gained great esteem and popularity, and also worked on producing dishes,
flower vases, paintings and furniture to decorate the dining space.
Those works, including calligraphy, pottery and lacquerware,
still effuse a densely unique personality in a wide range of areas.

Jar in Overglaze Enamel and Gold

c.1940 34.6 cm tall
Also called gold brocaded porcelain, this style is named after what looks like gold brocade laid upon the object, an effect achieved through designs in gold leaf and powder on the object being fired. This is one of Rosanjin’s most dazzling and gorgeous works, and no similar vase exists.

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