Yonehara Unkai

Yonehara Unkai was born in Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture.
He was originally a carpenter, but was inspired by the Buddha statues in Kyoto and Nara, and aimed to be a carver.
He moved to Tokyo in 1890, and began studying under Takamura Koun.
He then received several awards in exhibitions. In 1897,
he produced a work by applying the technique of proportional compasses into wood carving.
This method led to major innovations in the world of wood carving.
He was said to be Koun’s number one disciple, and established his position as a wood carver with a skillful, realistic expressionist style.

South Sea Kwan Yin

133.0 cm
Gyoran Kannon, a Bodhisattva with a fish basket, is one of the 33 Kannons, and is originated from a tale in the Tang Dynasty that a beautiful woman who sold fish was in fact the incarnation of Kannon. The gentle, elegant figure carved with moderate lines is suggestive of Unkai’s great skill.

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