Ito Shinsui

Ito Shinsui was born in Tokyo.
He was deeply moved by the works created by Hayami Gyoshu and consequently he decided to become a painter.
Under Kaburaki Kiyokata, Shinsui made many works for the government-sponsored exhibitions.
Shinsui devoted his life in creating a new style of painting – one which respected the traditions derived from ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints).
His painting ability was notable.
He painted his bijin-ga (beautiful woman paintings) livelier then what was considered normal which resulted in increased notoriety.

Girls Full of Dreams

1952 145.5×177.9 cm
This is a commemorative work in which Shinsui established his own unique group portrait style.
The faces of the girls and their sailor uniforms each have a subtlety of expression and have been executed separately, while the totality produces a clear beauty.
The girl in the foreground with her hair in plaits is modeled upon Shinsui’s own daughter, Asaoka Yukiji, who became famous as an actress earlyon.

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