Hayami Gyoshu

Hayami Gyoshu was born in Tokyo.
He entered a private art school, Angado Gajuku, sponsored by Matsumoto Fuko,
where he improved his skills by replicating classical Japanese/Oriental paintings.
He later participated in Koji-kai, after being accepted by Imamura Shiko, and he regarded Shiko as his mentor throughout his life.
In 1914, he formed Sekiyo-kai, an art organization, with Shiko and Omoda Seiju.
After the dissolution of the organization, he released works for the Inten Exhibitions.
He always sought new ways of expression, and ultimately made a great mark in the art world.

New Leaves

1915 125.0×81.0 cm
This painting filled with new leaves budding from treetops of all types transmits well the feeling of the artist. The work is filled with a freshness that is almost unthinkable for something executed early in the Taisho period (1910‐1926).

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