Hayashi Yoshio

Hayashi Yoshio was born in Tokyo.
After graduating from junior high school he entered Takurei‐sha,
a Japanese art society organized by a Japanese painter named Tsutaya Ryuko, to learn how to paint.
Hayashi began illustrating picture books while he was a student.
After the death of Ryuko, Hayashi devoted himself to painting pictures of children.
In 1961, he established the “Japanese Painter for Children Association”, and subsequently held exhibits until 1984.
Since then, Hayashi has released works into private exhibition every year.
Among other notable achievements, Hayashi was a board member in the
“Japanese Painting Copyright Federation” and the “Japanese Art Society”.

Angel Taking a Nap

1996 45.2×53.0 cm
In the warm spring sunshine, a small angel is sleeping comfortably, and a rabbit and birds are sleeping next to the angel. Their facial expressions are peaceful, implying the painter’s deep affection for children.

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