Takeuchi Seiho

Takeuchi Seiho was born in Kyoto.
Seiho’s interest in painting commenced in his childhood and grew over his lifespan.
Seiho learned Japanese painting style under Tsuchida Eirin and Kono Bairei.
He successfully created a new style of painting that integrated modern western realism
and the traditional aspects of painting of the Maruyama-Shijo school.
He released many works mainly for the government-sponsored exhibitions.
Seiho was devoted to the education of young painters through his role in leading his art organization Chikujo Kai.
Many excellent painters were educated in this association.

After a Shower

1928 171.2×369.0 cm(each)
Seiho succeeded in expressing the landscape after the rain, the branches and leaves waving in the wind, and the bird’s delicate movements, with his excellent skill in portrayal and composition.


1935 61.0×72.0 cm
The expressions on the two puppies, which appear to be filled with a pleasing warmth, invite the viewer to smile almost unconsciously.
The fireside is depicted solely through the treatment of the poker and ash fragments, yet it is fully realized down to the warmth it generates. It truly is a painting that could only be from the hand of Seiho.

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