Mahamayuri (Yamanokami) | Ide Yasuto
Annex Special Exhibition
Annex : 1F

Selection of Contemporary Japanese Paintings Ⅲ Adachi Museum Award Winners

Date: Wed, October 30, 2024 – Tue, February 18, 2025

Since 1995, Adachi Museum has administered the “Adachi Museum of Art Award” as part of Exhibition of the Japan Art Institute (Inten), in order to contribute to the development of Japanese art and the cultivation of promising painters of Japanese painting. For this award, the museum selects excellent works from Inten exhibits every year, and purchases these works. Since 2005, the museum has also administered the “Spring Adachi Museum Award,” for which works are selected from Spring Inten.
This exhibition will display the past award-winning works all together. We hope that you will enjoy a variety of masterpieces, which compose the core of our collection of contemporary Japanese paintings.

Iwatani Kota《Sound of a Kiln》

Attractive Appearances of Trees

Date: Wed, October 30, 2024 – Mon, January 20, 2025

Trees surrounding human beings show elegant flowers at certain times, and at other times, give a calm atmosphere of leaves dropping down. Their roots spreading on the ground and the thick trunks would make us feel the strong life force, and fresh greenery swaying in the wind would bring us the bracing feeling. The attractive appearance of trees is preferred as a subject of painting, and various works have been created by painters.
This exhibition will display Japanese paintings of trees, including eye-catching blossoms of cherry trees, illuminated green forests, and the sun’s rays gently peaking through layered leaves. Please enjoy the various appearances of trees calmly standing in abundant nature.

Odano Naoyuki《Resonance》
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