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Annex Special Exhibition

Selection of Contemporary Japanese Paintings Ⅰ

Date: Wed, Apr 24 - Wed, Jun 12, 2024

The Adachi Museum of Art has collected contemporary Japanese paintings painted since the 1970s, and exhibits them at the Annex. Works for Inten, the Exhibition of the Japan Art Institute, are the core of the collection. With colors layered on larger canvases, they have different features and unique attractions from the modern Japanese paintings by Yokoyama Taikan and other masters. However, the expressions are full of the painters’ sensitivity, making use of the beauty and texture of traditional pigments.

This exhibition will display masterpieces by 22 contemporary painters, including Matsuo Toshio, Tezuka Yuji, and Nishida Shun-ei. We hope you will enjoy the contemporary Japanese paintings, which have changed with the times.

Ide Yasuto
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