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Annex Special Exhibition

Selection of Contemporary Japanese Paintings Ⅱ Painters Making Great Strides –Focusing on Newer Inten Coteries–

Date: Wed, July 3, 2024 – Wed, October 2, 2024

The contemporary Japanese painting collection of the Adachi Museum consists mainly of works by painters who have flourished for the Inten, the Exhibition of the Japan Art Institute. Inten has painter-standards according to the frequency and history of winning awards. The painters of the highest standard, who are called coterie, participate in the organization of the Exhibition and the management of the Institute, as regular members.
This exhibition will introduce painters commended as coterie for the past ten years. They are considered to be up-and-comers, bearing the current and future Institute, which has functioned for more than one hundred years. We will display works by these painters, and works by young painters on whom the museum has focused.
We hope that you will enjoy these tours de force by painters who make ground on the today’s Japanese art world.

Kishino Kaori《Musical Scales》

Spectacular Scenes

Date: Wed, July 3 – Tue, October 1, 2024

Magnificent mountains, expansive seas and various flowers brightly adding colors to the surroundings—sublime, beautiful scenes would move the viewer’s heart and give refreshing impressions.
Spectacular scenes have been depicted in numerous paintings. For contemporary Japanese paintings, painters also try to find beautiful landscapes for subjects and depict them out from their unique viewpoints.
This exhibition will display contemporary Japanese paintings of fine, attractive landscapes. They will include a large-scale work with four meters wide, and the viewer can enjoy the vigor as if the real scenes spread before his eyes. We hope that you will enjoy the world of attractive, superb views.

Matsuo Toshio《Shiraito (White Thread) Falls》
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