Wind God, image of rust | Kunishi Hanako

The 79th Spring Exhibition of the Japan Art Institute

Date: Sat, June 15 - Sun, 30, 2024

The Japan Art Institute (Nihon Bijutsuin / Inten) was established in 1898, with the ideals of Okakura Tenshin, who advocated the creation of a new style of Japanese painting. After Tenshin’s death, Yokoyama Taikan and other painters assumed his will, and re-established it in 1914. Since then, Inten has played a large role in the innovation of the modern Japanese painting.
Adachi Museum started 2021 to hold the Spring Inten, which began in 1945 as a small-work exhibition of the Institute, in addition to regular Inten. We will exhibit about 140 works in total for the Spring Inten here at the Adachi Museum, and hope you will appreciate those fresh and creative Japanese paintings, particularly new works by the regular Inten members, who have taken over Inten’s tradition and history.

Kuboi Hiromi
《Winter by the window》
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