Spring Day | Hashimoto Kansetsu
Spring Exhibition / 2024
Main Exhibition Room

Seasonal Subjects Feelings of The Four Seasons Evoked through Japanese Paintings

Date: Fri, Mar 1 ‐ Fri, May 31, 2024

In Japanese paintings, seasonal plants and animals are often used as subjects to express each season. In this way, flowers, grass, trees, birds and insects can please our eyes in every season. Moreover, works of traditional seasonal events and customs can also give a seasonal atmosphere. Each of these is generally expressed in a picture on a large scale, but subjects indicating the season are sometimes depicted in a relatively small way; they can be seen in the type of a woman’s kimono, or its color and pattern. In other cases, items could be in a character’s hands or casually arranged on one side.
This exhibition will display works showing those seasonal elements, selected from paintings by Yokoyama Taikan, Takeuchi Seiho, Hashimoto Kansetsu, Sakakibara Shiho and Ito Shinsui, which are housed by Adachi Museum. We hope that you will enjoy seeking these seasonal subjects and finding the seasonal expressions of these painters.

Uemura Shoen
"Woman Waiting for the Moon to Rise"
Taikan Special Exhibition Room
Additional Exhibitions

Selected Works from the Taikan Collection - Spring -

Date: Fri, Mar 1 ‐ Fri, May 31, 2024

We will mainly display Taikan works with beautiful colors giving a calm, gentle atmosphere, including Spring Wind and Autumn Rain, in which scenes of spring and those of autumn are differentiated only with sumi and gold paint, Children Playing in Spring grasping a scene of children who are playing, and Breaking of Dawn expressing the dawning sea.

Yokoyama Taikan
"Breaking of Dawn"
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