Calm Spring in Jiangnan|Takeuchi Seiho
Summer Exhibition / 2024
Main Exhibition Room

When Various Expressions Appeared 100-Year-Old Japanese Paintings

Date: Sat, Jun 1 ‐ Fri, Aug 30, 2024

One hundred years ago, Japan in the Taisho Period showed the spread of an open-minded culture for the populace, which generally created a new sense of value in Japanese society.
In the world of Japanese painting, there were also large movements; the re-establishment of the Japan Art Institute, the establishment of the Association for the Creation of New Japanese-style Painting (Kokuga Sosaku Kyokai), and the reformation of the governmental exhibitions. Under these circumstances, painters freely depicted various subjects, taking up the atmosphere of the age. Yokoyama Taikan studied the gorgeous expression of the Rimpa style, while Takeuchi Seiho pursued unconventional, fresh pictures based on sketching. Sakakibara Shiho and Murakami Kagaku emphasized the expression of light and shade, giving a third-dimensional effect, influenced by Western Painting.
This exhibition will display Japanese paintings depicted from the middle of the Taisho Period to the beginning of the Showa Period, that is, about 100 years ago. We hope that you will enjoy various works full of unique individualities.

Sakakibara Shiho
"Still Life"
Taikan Special Exhibition Room
Additional Exhibitions

Selected Works from the Taikan Collection - Summer -

Date: Sat, Jun 1 ‐ Fri, Aug 30, 2024

This exhibition will include Mt. Fuji in the Summer impressively depicting Mt. Fuji in brilliant ultramarine, and South Sea in Darkness, in which Taikan mastered the exquisite taste of sumi ink. Focusing on his abundant sense of color and brush strokes skillfully handling various tints of sumi would deepen your view.

Yokoyama Taikan
"Mt. Fuji"
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