Good Omen | Yamamoto Shunkyo
Winter Exhibition / 2024
Main Exhibition Room

Auspicious Things Gathered Together Japanese Paintings Evoking Happiness

Date: Sun, Dec 1, 2024 - Fri, Feb 28, 2025

In Japan, some animals, plants, and things in nature have long been called auspicious. The crane is a symbol of longevity, based on the saying that the crane can live for a thousand years, while a set of pine, bamboo and ume (Japanese plum), are called the “Three Friends of Winter” because they can bear the coldness of winter, and are regarded as a symbol of good fortune. People pour wishes for youth and longevity, prosperity for their descendants and fertility into these auspicious symbols. Not a few Japanese paintings have taken such lucky symbols as subjects, making the viewer happy. Modern painters have also painted those things, pouring into them their wishes for happiness.
This exhibition, besides those auspicious symbols, will also display works of Bodhisattvas and hermits. All these paintings, which were depicted by Yokoyama Taikan and other great masters, would be enjoyable and evoke happiness within.

Tomioka Tessai
"Taoist Immortals Celebrating Longevity"
Taikan Special Exhibition Room
Additional Exhibitions

Selected Works from the Taikan Collection - Winter -

Date: Sun, Dec 1, 2024 - Fri, Feb 28, 2025

We will exhibit works depicting Mt. Fuji, which was a theme Taikan loved. This winter collection will include Winter Evening, which depicts sparrows resting their wings under a camelia tree. We hope that you will enjoy those works, which showcase Taikan’s intimate contemplation toward nature.

Yokoyama Taikan
"Mountain after a Shower”
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